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With the spread of Covid-19 and the social-distancing guidelines we are facing, volunteering at EOP is currently closed for all EOP programs. We are working hard to find out when we may be up and running again to recruit our volunteers again. Thank you for your understanding and patience. 

At Educating Others With A Purpose, we stand by the hierarchy of needs, the Reggio Emilia Approach and also the teachings from Lev. Vygotsky. My mission at Educating Others With A Purpose is to increase and enhance understanding and acceptance for all.

As a person born with a developmental difference, it is my goal to create awareness of disability acceptance, one child at a time

To educate the public and also the children that will lead the future of tomorrow. 

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Business Owner

Disability Awareness Blogger

Current part-time student at MiraCosta Community College working towards a Bachelor's degree in ECE, Early Childhood Development with a minor in Cognitive Behavior Science. 

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Educate, Inspire, Love

Creating a world of total disability acceptance and understanding one individual at a time.