FALL 2020!!!

45 minute sessions that enhance Toddler Development and promote social/emotional, cognitive, and language skills. 

By Austin N. Mckinney


I am a student at MiraCosta studying 

Early Childhood Education (ECE)


As a person born with a developmental difference,

it is my goal to create awareness of disability acceptance,

one child at a time, through Toddler Tuesdays.


Come join me for a

Toddler Music & Movement Enrichment Experience


8/18/20 - 12/12/20

18 week course for toddlers & parents

9 to 9:45AM

Aug. 18th - Dec. 12th 2020!

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Get a sneak peak of what we are going to teach your kids. 




This section is for the parents who patriciates at our Toddler Tuesdays music and movement sessions, which is held at the Poinsettia Community Park. This section is the same data on our Google online Classroom. I have updated my google classroom and now there are limited assignments to submit or print out and turn in during our weekly sessions at the park. Please look above for the passcode and the log in link to the Toddler Tuesdays Google Classroom. Be sure to introduce yourself in the stream so everyone knows who you are. By the way, you do not have to participate in our weekly sessions at the park. You can come whenever you are able to. Thanks and see you out at one of our sessions. 

Type This Pass Code: 2xafqch

Human Neurodiversity Should Be Celebrated for Its Strengths, Not Treated as a Disorder

It’s time that we stop thinking about conditions like ADHD and autism as ‘disabilities’ and recognize them as valuable pieces of humanity’s neurodiversity. 

I think we all need to step way back and put a pause on gay lives matter, pride, BLK, CCP, the predental debates, etc., to focus our respect, time, energy, and devotion to people all over the world who have varies ability differences.


Let's narrow our attention to helping people who have Learning Differences (LD), cerebral palsy (CP), left hemiplegic cerebral palsy, Autism, brain disorders, Epilepsy, and other ranging ang growing conditions. Let's include all lives, because everyone matters in this world, right? Pray for the weak, the poor, the disabled, the homeless, the priests, the purists, and all God's children for they will be the righteous of the world.

Four-Year-Old Kid Has Legendary Dance Moves | NowThis

In feel good news and current events today, Boss Baby Brody has taken the Internet by storm with his Boss Baby Brody dancing, Boss Baby Brody ballet, and Boss Baby Brody dance videos. 

I think that we should all embrace the great and those tiny moments that we have with our youngest kids. Let them be inspired by self-expression and self-confidence. This young boy is super happy just to live his life to the fullest. And this is what we want for all of our kids, no matter who they are or want to become, you just got to hold onto these times and make them last. Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Straight, has nothing to do with this. This is children's most fundamental early start to a happy life, growing up without any anger or etc. Dancing helps children balance their emotion regulation, impulse control, and gross Motor development. 

However, as the child gets older, limiting such moves, like sexual and explant moves should be addressed in a calmly, private matter. 


Resources For Parents And Caregivers

Toddler Tuesdays

A 45-minute Music & Movement, Enrichment Program

18 Week Course 

Now Playing 

Aug. 18th - Dec. 12th 2020!

TheLearningStation - Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes (2014, May 18) Shake Your Sillies Out ♫ Brain Breaks Songs for Kids ♫ Kids Action Songs by The Learning Statio [YouTube]

                     Retrieved from

-- When you click on the link below, it will send you to a page of all these YouTube videos of songs and movement activities for children. 

-- These videos are a fun, interactive way that all of your kids can do at home with you and your family for exercise. 

Patty Shukla Kids TV - Children's songs

1 || Enjoy videos from home that are for your whole family to engage in some simple music and movement exercises. Subscribe to her videos and fallow her on Facebook, Twitter, ITunes,

2 || Children's songs for babies, infants, toddlers and elementary students


4 ||  AMAZON Storefront



II Email:

Patty Shukla Kids TV - Children's songs (2006, Dec. 23) Home [YouTube] 

Retrieved from:

 Stuck at Home Science Activities for families using household supplies

the California Science Center has free online resources, work pages, videos, and information for kids who are stuck at home.

CaliforniaSiecnCenter (n.d.) Stuck at Home Science Activities for families using household supplies

Retrieved from:


1 || Bridging

2 || Superman

3 || Knock Me Over

4 ||  Plank

5 ||  Core Strengthening Exercises for Babies

6 || Wheelbarrow Walking

-- When you click on the link below, it will send you to a page of core-strengthening activities for kids that you can do at home during these times of the outbreak. 

-- There will be a video on the first activity called "Bridging." Bridging and in addition to all of these core-strengthening activities, Bridging is the easiest at home activity that all kids can or for the matter, your kid(s) can do at home with you and your family. 


Retrieved from:

Act Like An Animal, 13 Moves to Help Your Child’s Gross Motor Development

Bear Walk🐻

Elephant Swing 🐘

Penguin  Walk 🐧 

Tiger Crawl🐯 

Flamingo Hop

Crab Walk 🦀

Snake Slither 🐍

Horse Run 🐴

Seal Slide 

Duck Walk 🦆

Turtle Crawl 🐢

Inchworm Walk

Kangaroo Jump

-- When you click on the link below, it will send you to a page where you can help your child’s gross motor development by engaging with your little ones by acting and sounding like animals. 

-- This is a awesome in door and outside activity that kids can play while we have this outbreak of the virus. This is fun for all who play and kids are fascinated by animals big or small. (2020) Act Like An Animal, 13 Moves to Help Your Child’s Gross Motor Development

Retrieved from:

-- When you click on the link below, it will send you to a page where my boss made a helpful page on their webpage for preschools and families who are stuck at home during this outbreak of the virus. 

Linktree,(n.d.) @childdevelopmentcentermcc

Retrieved from:

Edutopia, Special Education Apps for Students With Special Needs—As School Buildings Shutter

by  Jayne Clare

Learn what  free apps you can download to help your kids with learning differences during this time of being indoors. PPS WITH A FREE TRIAL

My PlayHome 





& More!

-- When you click on the link below, it will send you to a page where you can find all of the apps for student with special needs. Some of the apps help kids speak, learn, and grow in their educational skills. 

Edutopia,Jane Clare (2020) Special Education, Apps for Students With Special Needs—As School Buildings Shutter

Retrieved from: 

Provided by Pediatricians Trusted by parents

from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Irene Tanzman (2020, March 30) Special Education Advocacy/ Learning Strategies for Severe Autism during Covid 19 Pandemic [YourTube] Retrieved from

Educate, Inspire, Love

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Educate, Inspire, Love

Creating a world of total disability acceptance and understanding one individual at a time.

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