How and why I got here... working with Kids with and without Disabilities

Here is a little about me:

I have been a Intern, a Teacher Apprentice, and have sat in ECE (early childhood education) classes, read books, and currently taking care of my nieces and nephew when they come over to play when they can. When I say "when they can", it is because they live in Colorado Springs. Oh yea, and I am two classes away from my third certificate in ECE, so I guess I am pretty good at what I do.

Putting child development aside, I have other plans to study and go into Human Development in four years from now. That means I will be transferring from where I go to school now at MiraCosta to Cal. Sate San Marcos. Don't get me wrong, I will still work with kids. As more as my schooling goes on, I find myself enjoying teaching kids. Before, I didn't. I guess because I was always in class studying about kids that I never really got a chance to work with them.

I work up in Oceanside at a inspiring place called TERI Campus Of Life. I work their every Saturday's now with the adults and every other Saturday with the kids. I LOVE IT! Working with these kids is so impacting and a humbling experience. I help them every week in respite care supporting and facilitating their needs. This couldn't be a better job for me. Come, take a tour of their campus and you will find out. I first came to TERI as a Volunteer and I am however remaining one until I work more hours their, that is why I am working as a volunteer every Saturday in the adult program as well as working with the kids. When I started at TERI, I was at my mom's birthday party and that when it all happened. My mom knew that I talked about working at TERI for some time now, so therefore she dicided to invite one of the people who works on the board with TERI. Her name is Sherri Nasim and at the party, we ended up meeting and talking. Then a few days later, I was sitting in the office of Greg Snear who is the Director of Legacy & Community Engagement at TERI. So, you can say my mom made a connection between me and my life changing future working at TERI.

At the children respite program I work at, I got the privilege to work with a young boy who has Autism and does not talk much due to his disability. I can not say his name due to confidentially. I never fully understood and cared to work with children until I worked with this kid. He changed my life of teaching, being caring for others who are less fortunate. This one time when I worked with him, after we both left according to Greg Snear, all the staff I worked with were touched and moved. They cried for how well I was so caring and supportive of this boy's needs. I was just taking care of him because he reminded of me when I was his age and younger.

I didn't know that it would be such a moving and inspirational thing. After I heard this, I cried and cried. It was so nice and it felt awesome to know that I could and can tap into that with those kinds of kids. It's amazing to me how I can affect people like that.

Looking at all I done and all that is coming up for me, I thank God that I can lend my services and education to others. In these situations, I am truly blessed and I believe everybody who teaches or includes kids who have disabilities into there daily routine and school schedule is a saint, truly.

I love working with and teaching others about working with kids who have disabilities. For instance, I am a partner of Autism Speaks down here in San Diego and every time they have a walk, an special event, or just educating people on inclusion and acceptance, I travel near and far to pass out information, useful resources, and anything I can to educate others on including disabilities and how to care for them like I do.

This is a strong passion and calling of mine that I will never lose and today, I want to educate you about this topic and get you out there educating others and teaching others about disabilities.

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