Elvish morning

News, Media, Social Posts, Government Officials, and even Bishops, and Priests are falling down the rabbit hole deeper and deeper into the fire of Hell itself. Yes my friends, we are in a dark and completely strange time in the world. As we move forward with so many fake and crypt people who are overthrowing the safety norms and the rules of what our country and our faithful religions are built on, there will be a higher price to pay in our near future. We all must stand up and fight for everything that we still got. This is for our children and their children's future. While we still live here in this world, let us fight back to keep our homes protected from these threats that the media, the news, the government, and the unholy Bishops in this world and in this great country are doing.

America has a saying on all of our bills. It is printed, “In God We Trust”. Many people want to ruin this motto and don’t believe in God. For example, take the Santism worship, atheism, abortion and the recent liberal paganism that is starting to effect our public schools. Of course this is their choice, just like the so-called, “women’s choice” of killing innocent young lives just because they want to fix their mistakes of their young, reckless errors. While the media and issues that come up in movies and current TV shows we now see, people mind washed and spreading misinformation around with them that they think is the honest truth. However, some are being compromised and even threatened to have their families and children killed or outed if they do not agree or comply with the rules of government regulations.

Some of these TV shows are tempting to watch and I have watched some of these shows, but I want to educate and warn you about the dangerous and possible "mind junk" that you will gain when watching these shows on a continuous basis. Some of these shows on TV are so disrupting, and reckless. The companies that film these shows are making money off of you.

I have watched a few of these shows in the past and since today, I am here to expose what the meaning behind these shows and what these shows are filling up your head with.

WondaVision is a recent Disney plus TV series that falls under the life of Wonda and Vision from the Avengers, which is a Marvel Studios MCU TV show series of '50s sitcom-influenced suburbia living idealized lives. In the beginning of season one on WondaVision, we start out the first two episodes in black and white. WondaVision is a world where people are so-called “stuck” in a small town of New Jersey in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s. Watching the first four episodes of WondaVision and depicting some recent events from our own lives that our media coverage is informing us about, I can not seem to ignore the possibility that the age which we are living or the near future is in an odd way similar to the show. For instance take the U.S government today and where we are facing. In the biggest Disney plus 50's sitcom show, we see everyone in this show are "acting" or "covering up" something big about to happen, which most TV shows do. But looking at this show, as in many others I will reflect in detail, might be airing at a right time to again in a way, mock us or depict our current economic society of what is happening in American society today.

Think that’s enough, our next one I would like to share with you is “The Chilling Adventures of Sebrina.”

This recently popular Netflix TV series of The Chilling Adventures of Sebrina. This new TV series that is an adaptation of the "Sabrina the Teenage Witch", tells of a darker side to Sebrina. Demons, witches, Hell itself, Lucifer, a school and a church of worshiping Lucifer, who is the Dark Lord, Devil, Satan and the Prince of Lies. Though, this show is highly addicting with sexual content and dark drama that is constant on the show, these characters seems as they play or have some strong realistic influence on the general pubic today with abortion, worshiping Santana in the U.S, Canada, and parts in the United Kingdom, and don’t forget teaching kids liberal paganism.

Another show that is also on Netflix and on FX Networks which is similar to Netflix TV series of The Chilling Adventures of Sebrina is also popular to young adults and teenagers everywhere. This 10 session series is also addicted. “American Horror Story'' sucks you in for wanting more horror, more badass killing, evil mass murdering, political movements and threats.

A less horrifying show, “The Fosters”, which depicts lives of foster children who becomes a family quickly, learning that some of their kids like each other and have sex, while making abortion, transgender okay for one to do and experience. Now although, some activities and events that this show depicts were clean and okay for everyday discussions and typical stuff that kids should engage in. I enjoyed how the senses made foster living real and a “front-and-central” concern. However, the show could of made this clear without promoting acts of aggression, abortion, and the never endless sex.

The list is endless of horror and movies and TV shows that portray and promote evil acts of insanity to the mind. We have always been addicted to violence, to sex, to more whatever that keeps us guessing what is going to happen next. We have grown up with action movies and shows front and center in our lives. Take for example, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Angel, Star Wars, The Vampire Diaries, and all of the horror movies and TV shows that we now binge watch on Hulu, Netflix and now these days, Peacock, Prime Video, Disney plus, HBO and HBO Max, Apple TV and probably some more steaming services that I didn’t name. Don’t we see that all of this is hurting our kids (and their physical health). Kids shouldn’t grow up like this, especially now that you can stream at any time, anywhere. Do parents see the dangers and the harm in this? What ever happened to shows and movies such as, the 1960 “ the Flintstones”, “The Jetsons”, “Bugs Bunny”, “Tom and Jerry”, the sitcom, “Looney tunes”, 1969 ‧ sitcom, “The Brady Bunch”, and the 1998 show, S. Club 7.

Since I am an Early Childhood Educator and a preschool teacher, I would like to suggest a friendly teacher to parent lesson here. Kids are on the computers, laptops, tables, or their phones for a good amount of the day. Instead of having your kids go online to stream a show, a movie or whatever they want, kids can get enough physical activity outdoors in the fresh air. This will help support their diet, their weight, their fitness, their strength, and so much more like social skills. If we really care for and love our children, then we should be actively involved in helping them to make good choices everyday.

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