Creating Play While You Are Stuck At Home

We all have times in our lives where we find ourselves with children home from school because of an illness, school holiday or break off for summer or winter. However, we would not expect something so massive to hit all over the world that would affect everyone’s health, even our children. While everyone is trying to find a cure for this pandemic that shot out into the world, schools are being closed everywhere, leaving our children to suffer the cost. As children are spreading more time at home, we do not want to see our children sitting around and not learning anything new that they could in a preschool. According to the President and the CDC guidelines, schools will supposedly open up when California hits Stage three. We are all still stuck in stage one. So, the question is what will we do with our children from now to then. It is a big gap and I’m sure that parents are slowly fading off of money, time, and patience.

Being a teacher is no joke. It’s not easy to take care of a child who has a challenging behavior or an ability difference, but it is as teachers that we learn how to unfold and change our own teaching for the better education of that one child. If you can do this, it will be easier for you because you are just thinking about one child at a time. That’s easier right? I know when I started teaching early childhood education, I had a mission to teach children in a way that all children no matter their age or ability difference or race or their learning levels, they could all learn by one another through play and acceptance. This was my mission, but sadly, not others, Now, you have the chance to create your own teaching method and as we are finding ourselves spending time with our children more each day, not only will you see the growth and improvement but also your children. They will also love the one on one attention.

Therefore, you will need to know a few important things to do with your child. One, go outside and let them dig in the dirt. This self-soothing activity is great for children who especially have challenging behaviors. The messier, the better. Parents, don’t worry about keeping their clothes clean. If you really want that to happen, don’t put something on them that you don’t want them to get dirty. Two, do not interrupt a child when they are clearly having fun. This is just sad. You wouldn’t barge on me if I was engaged in a deep conversation with a good friend. The same implies with kids, just don’t do it, it’s rude. Three, create. You are at home, you probably have tons of paper, color pencils and other crafts in your house. You can scramble quickly for a child-friendly activity for the day. You don’t need to go out to the store to buy more unnecessary stuff and well, lastly we come to our fourth and final important thing, shut up. Yep, I said it, shut up. When your child tries to tell you something that has happened or is happening, shut up, he or she is trying to tell you a better way of doing that activity or has a plan of what to do that day as a family. Respect and communication goes a long way.

Working from home may get a little boring and overwhelming, but you do not have to suffer or teach your child alone. If you time it right, during the day there are online videos made specifically for you children to enjoy. There are also websites, YouTube channels, and daily Facebook postings all working daily to help you manage the stress of day to day in-home teaching.

It is also just as important to have self-care so you can have the energy to tackle the day ahead. Having some quiet time, allows you to decompress, relax, gather new thoughts and ideas or even, better ones.

Some really helpful and useful online resources are as follows below for your convenience.

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