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These are challenging times we are facing in the world and also in our homes. Boredom and loneliness creeps up on us really fast. Children suffer greatly due to a big, huge routine shift in their day. They are used to going to school, playing with friends, learning new stuff, and also this daily routine, let's them fall into a nice and easy flow that they are used to.

Fast foreword to the present day of 2020 when Covid-19 guidelines took over the nation, the whole word. It came so fast that we did not know what it was or how to handle the spread. Child Development Centers and preschools were closed. Primary schools and up moved there curriculum to online online learning. Parents and siblings don't know what to do in the meantime with their kids all day long and until Covid-19 stops. Ever since, this pandemic started, we were lost, our kids were broad, sad, and a little bit confused. However, today, we are finally spending more time with our kids by playing with them more, getting to know them more, and learning their in's and out's. This is what family should be. Family should always be in constant communication. Family should learn to understand and accept each other more. Because your family is where you learn and grow. I think family is in a way is being at preschool. You learn social behaviors, language and cognitive skills. So we can do this home, online learning.

Children have the right to the best, high-quality education there is. There are a lot of different helpful resources out there today for online and in-home learning. On my Toddler Tuesdays web page, there is a list of activities for you to do at home with your children. The internet has some great educational materials that you can print out and do with you children at home during these times of social-distancing. These days are a time of self-reflection of ourselves and who do we want to become for our children. Our children are the first people in our life's that we should do everything in our power for so that they might grow up one day and look back at how and when they were raised, and know they their parents did everything they could to provide them a rich education for the future. It doesn't matter if children are taught at home or not, it just matters on the type of education provided.

Mothers and fathers were once their primary teachers. Mothers teaches their child from an early stage that happen within the womb even. The child learns from hearing their mother talk and sing to her child. This is the most basic but ever so important stage in the mother-child bond. However, they is hope for these times for online and in-home learning. It is possible, because we know that the first teacher was the mother and than the father. If you keep this in mind, you will be alright teaching your child during these difficult and strange times and if you are in need of a break of some uplifting tools, have to fear, you may always sign your toddler and you up for Toddler Tuesdays this fall starting in late August trough December every Tuesday from 9 to 9:45 in the mornings.

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