Another Family Night Series on "What Is Play" A Child's Self-Learned discovery of Play

Play, what is it? Why do children young and even old do it? Play is always fun and always available. Play comes naturally to you and is a great way to learn from each other.

At Another Family Fun Night (AFFN) your children will experience just that. We are a non-profit, private organization to the work of helping teach children, parents, and caregivers on the essential foundations of play and how it is used. Since I am a preschool teacher in training at the Child Development Center at MiraCosta College I know that play is a self-learned discovery for children to learn social-emotional skills as well as the use of language skills. Play is children's first supervised response in the world of how they can learn from one another, what one another likes, didn't like, how they will respond, and to what specifically. The child at hand is learning through play that we as parents, caregivers, and teachers provide them. This is the child's readily opportunity for self-discovery and to explore his or her own world. We as the children's first teachers must take on this opportunity to invest our time and knowledge to teach not only our children but however ourselves on the necessity foundational design of play. When children play, they are teaching themselves what they are capable of and how they can do it. I have been working as a teacher in training for about 3 years now and have seen that play is universal. Everyone does it and therefore, benefits from this natural activity.

Check back on my AFFN page in February this year to see what days, times and what will go on for your kids to participate at our events.

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