The Power Of Positive Words

As the Holidays & Christmas is coming up, pride and family joy will be in the air and on their plates. As Christmas settles in, there will probably be family disagreements all around the house as you and your family members talk about different opinions of how to run children, family get together's, and of such, especially if you have a large family.

Season greetings turn into season desaturates. Kids may choose to run all around the house just to get your attention. It is strictly just as important to have a positive, warm and loving behavior from the parent. Some members of your family will come from near and far.

I was in a teacher training program at my preschool the other day and we were all reading and practicing the importance of what specific words that we can use in our daily environment to encourage kids on how to notice their choices, actions, and their accomplishments. When I go to family get together's, kid-friendly events, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, I notice that one, there are not enough for the kids to do, so they end up getting bored fast, (causing them to get into terrible or mischief behavior) and two, therefore, parents may say “No, Don’t do that” or “Stop that right now” without explaining what could happen or WHY is this behavior or form of play not okay. Parents, uncles, aunts, and cousins may fall into this trap of stressing out due to the insecurities of prepping for the holidays and the emotional stress of family get together's. What gets me is how parents are not aware of this or may lack due to stress.

This article that my boss came across on pinterest was on having an assertive but clam-toned voice. An assertive voice may be a sencetince that you can demonstrate, role-play, or explain why or what if this happen than that will happen. An example may be, “Put the blocks back in the basket, like this ... or, “It’s time for dinner, which chair would you like to sit at?” instead of “I’m waiting for you to come to the table and eat with us” and “Don't make me come and get you.” This is not very effective due to having a passive voice that does not explain the reason WHY that is not nice for a child to say that. We can do and learn a lot more when we talk one on one to our kids with a positive, assertive voice. Besides, no kid wants to hear, “You’re so sensitive,'' Don't be so emotional,” or even “You are so stubborn. What are you trying to say to your kid, because you can say it, but just EXPLAIN the reason what it is that they are doing. When talking to and referring to our children, It is these words like spirited, persistent, energetic, caring, loving, focused, and reflective or a strong leader that will shape who they are and how they view themselves. (remember, how we speak to our children, and about them, becomes their inner voice), because your kids will always look up to you. Also, feel free to pass this information along to your members of your family that comes over and hangs out with everyone's kids. With that, you can rest assured that your kids are being followed through and everybody is on the same tract with taking care of you kids the way you want and this is a great way to bring THOSE family members closer together too. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and safe positive.

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