Walking With WAG!

I want to Walk Your Dog!

I am a Dog Walker with Wag! I have started walking dogs when I was a child since 11 years old for four years in my former local community. There in my community, I also have bathed dogs as a Dog Bather for two Dog Grooming businesses for a total of 6 or 7 years. It has been awhile since I walked dogs, but I do remember all of my dog skills. I love being around dogs and grew up with having them all my life.

I took a break with working work dogs for a long time to study Early Childhood Development (ECE) in order to become a teacher. In one of my child development classes, two of these student teachers that taught kids at the on campus “lab preschool.” I knew them from before. They would come to most of my child development classes to talk to us about becoming an Instructional Apprentice there at their “lab school” on campus. The first few years, I wasn’t really into teaching kids at a preschool, but a year after when they came back, I applied with them, filled out an short application and waited for a response. I got in and been there ever since.

So that is what I have been doing instead of my usual job of taking care of dogs. Working for Wag! started beginning of this year when my best friend, Anna called me to tell me about this dog walking service that you can request all through an app on your phone. I looked it up, it sounded good. I knew that I had a job working with children, but really loved being with dogs, so I became again a dog walker. I was shocked that I didn’t hear about this opportunity sooner and especially when I was beginning my dog walking services. I was a dog walker again and I felt so happy and excited to be one once again. To reach out to me, please download the Wag! dog walking app and enter this code: AUSTIN04857. Thanks and hope to walk your dog soon!

To see my flyer, click here.

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