Procrastination: What I Lived Though

Eassy #1, Draft 3

I do my best to prevent myself and others not to procrastinate on the important assignments and life skills that others may miss out on. I still procrastinate currently through life and even now on this assignment as I am writing this in class after trying to keep up with everyone and my grades. Being a procrastinator makes me sad due to my unnecessary, unuseful skills of not working on the important things in the moment that needs to get done. There is no reason why I should procrastinate, although the feeling of procrastination feels good to me as I bet do to others as well. My dad used to bring up a point to me about procrastination and how to avoid the feeling of procrastination. He makes it well know to me as to others in his life and in his office that we all need to strive to avoid being a procrastinator during every moment of the day and even he refers to what techniques we can work on to avoid being a procrastinator. My dad wakes up very early in the morning every single day, to get things done. That is the key in life. If you don’t want to be a procrastinator, get up early and start every day with getting things done. My dad lives and breaths for this unique method of life. I know that it is rare and strange. As for an example, I like to wake up early and go to school on the weekdays, but we are not talking about during the weekends now. The point is that, I don’t want to listen to my day storm down the stars or come into my room one morning during the weekend to wake me up. But, sometimes, work during those weekends needs to get done, because mostly on those weekends are my only options of catching up on late homework that I simply did not do for school. I was being a procrastinator while everyone even my dad warned me that this may happen to me and you know what, it did. The art of procrastination got to me. I had a choice. That choice was to listen to my dad who was right or let procrastination suck me in to all of the sin and unnecessary life choices that I was used to doing.

It is a typical and a very common thing for people to do. Research has shown us that 70 to 95% of students who attend some college procrastinate. According to the Journal of Behavioral Sciences, “procrastination is linked to fear of failure, fear of rejection, perfectionism, fear of success, social anxiety, depression, stress, life satisfaction, low self-efficacy, rationalization, performance of task that are externally imposed, low self-esteem, low self-concept, forgetfulness, disorganization, learned resourcefulness, non-cooperativeness, life dissatisfaction, and a lack of energy. (2008, Vol. 28) God once made it clear for us that you must live for the present, don’t worry and waste your time thinking about the future and the past. You are your own greatest ally and your enemy. Only you are able to choice what outcome you would like to procrastinate on. People do not realize that we must change our own behaviors and habits, mistakes and failures. From doing this, we then can move on forward from being pulled down on what it feels like, big huge piles of junk that keeps you from getting where you need to go and what you have yet to accomplish.

Up at UCLA, I was at an 2 year program. My friend Scarlet and I decided to go to see a movie and have some dinner. We got to the bus stop and had to take two buses to get where we were going. We walked straight to the movie theater and asked for two tickets for Insidious. The cashier told us that it was playing way later then when we arrived, so we walked around, looked at some stuff, laughed, and decided that we had to have dinner before all the restaurants close. The first place that Scarlet and I saw, was the restaurant that we’ve chosen to have dinner at. Both of us walked in, sat down, looked at the menu, and ignored the fact that all the food items on the menu was too pricey for me, but as I do best, I injured everything and started ordering. Scarlet told me that if I had the money for her and my dinner, “Oh, yes, I will be fine,” I said, but she was a little concern if I would have enough money to pay for all of this food. A couple drinks and dinner plates later into the evening, our waiter came over to our table and told us if we were done or wanted anything else. I pliantly asked our waiter for the check as I gulped my piece of fancy, expensive beef that I couldn’t afford, down my throat and stayed calm as to find out what our waiter will say to me. The check came, I filled it out, put my card in the black case with our check in it and gave it to our waiter. He ran my card on his computer, but when the waiter came back to our table, my face turned red as I knew what he was going to say to me. “Um sir, your card said it was decline.” I couldn’t believe it, my card was deiced, but looking now back then, it made sense. I was mostly all the time did not have enough money in the card. Looking back, to this day, I happen do the same thing. I am better, but still every now and then I just spend all my money on random stuff that I don’t need. Anyways, after I heard that my card was not working, I quickly went online to my bank account to check to see if something was off. Something was and the waiter was right. My card was declined due to the fact that I had absolutely no money in my bank account. Oh my goodness, what was I thinking”, I thought. The amount of the total cost was more money that I make at my current job. I felt so embarrassed and more embraced for what I did next. I called my mom to explain what had happened. I told her everything and apologized for not thinking about eating at my apartment or going to an inexpensive taco shop down the block. After several minutes of waiting there inside the restaurant, my mother transferred some money into the bank account to pay the waiter for the troubles. I can tell you that we walked out of there really fast.

This will tell you to not wait until the last minute to see if you have money to pay for dinner to treat a friend for the evening or to turn in late assignments. I should of thought of this a bit sooner. I should have not spent anything on random stuff and saved it all for this nice restaurant out. Do I ever learn? Do I want to learn? Why is this so hard for me?

Well, I think it is because I had that freedom of living independently for the first time in my life. I was careful, sending money on my friends and treating them all to gifts, dinner out, events, and movies. I had to stop at some point. So I procrastinated for a long time during my life at college because well, everyone else did. I was good at homework, although did not want to do it, so I did not see what was the point in completely assignments on time until I a few years after I came home and started MiraCosta College here in Oceanside California. I was much better on spending and being curious about my money since I had a budget tracking program and a nagging family I lived with.

I have learned a lot over the years of being at these two colleges. They both have taught me a lot on how and why you should have enough money in your account, on you at all times, and to also know how much you have in cause of buying dinner for your friends or going to the movies like in this instant. Being at school and continuing this commonality of typical issues that we face day to day, procrastination has taught me on how to learn how to avoid it, to not let it consume me, and to develop this long, forgotten strength of overcoming this problem. We have a lot of walls that we put up to block or avoid problems or little things in life such as homework assignments, getting through college, not going to your family member’s birthday party or etc. This is called procrastination, procrastinating no matter how big or small the issue of procrastination may seen to you, the cover up is still the ever-so and tirelessly work of procrastination at it’s finest. This word is ever-so present and ever-so real in life itself. Procrastination is the Devil. Same word and I believe, same person if you really think about it.

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