The Purpose Of Us

We all have a lot of different and unique talents, abilities, passions that we are good at, and strengths that allow us to rise above our weaknesses or challenges. We all were sent here to gain, to develop, and to find our purpose. For some, our purpose lies within music, being a good piano player or singer, and etc. For others, it's lies within teaching children. Whatever your special purpose is or develops to be, go out, grab it and never let it go. You might have several different purposes in life. See, I believe that life guides you on all these paths to make you grow, to make you move to become whatever and whomever life wants you to become in that moment. So, get up, raise to the opportunity at hand and keep going, because one day, you won't have that opportunity or chose to use your purpose.

Faith and hope has a special connection life that one might find to know and understand why they were chosen to live up to that purpose. Faith molds us together, it creates new pathways of hope and inspiration for different people to help one another, to live together, to survive, or simply just to keep going wherever God whats you to go. Most or some of us might know and understand the commitment we all take in fill fulling our individual purpose's in life If you acknowledge something great or bad in your own life whatever it is, you have accepted it in your life. Therefore, God is saying to us that we need to not only acknowledge our failures, but also accept our great moments, achievements, strives, and the people around us who are important to that purpose. Maybe we should start thinking that that purpose might be in us. If we hold to that standard that one day or maybe even as a youth, that purpose will develop and come to us, the road we walk on is set in stone meaning we have already fulfilled our purpose in faith and in hope for our future.

For an example, I am a Instructor Apprentice at The Child Development Center at MiraCosta Community College. That was my purpose to become a teacher, but only the purpose is and was good for something greater that God can only plan for me. GOD HAS OUR PURPOSE and He knows right when to use it, to develop it in you, in us. That is why talking to him every time that you have down time, or before you go to bed is so important, because Him and you constantly plan and then reevaluate that plan only when you guys talk.

You cannot go into battle, or win a game without a plan. A plan takes commutation between you and the other person. When my dad went to this meeting to determine if he was going to get a job that he is now a founder and a CEO for. That plan was only between him and God. See, together you can always win the game.

Now tell me if you have a purpose in life? You most definitely do, if you communicate. Communication is the key to everything.

Communicating with your brothers and sisters makes life easier to get along, a baby's first words are easier to understand for the baby's needs to be met, and speaking to the teacher for help with an homework assignment gets the ball rolling in the right direction to continuing your education. This is His plan with you in mind. Always knowing exactly what you need in life.

Now, isn't that reassuring to know that? Doesn't that feel great, that you are not in this great struggle alone. God is working trying to help and support you on your way with a purpose that will make you and others smile. The only question is, are you on board?

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