ChildSitting at Fun.Edu in Camel Valley

I am excited to put my credits in early childhood education into practice. Developing my new skills and challenging myself to learn more. Therefore, I organized a child-sitting service this summer for 3 months. This child sitting service is filled with fun experiences that children will enjoy while combining age-appropriate education. Fun.Edu ChildSitting serves the Camel Valley, San Diego area. Fun.Edu will go to your home and deliver for the child the best possible hands-on experience possible.

A special welcome to all the new kids and parents this summer. I am looking foreword to this great and rewarding opportunity. Sign-ups are beginning on May 1st. This is my inaugural summer child sitting. I currently attend MiraCosta inCollege Oceanside CA. I have 32 units in Early Childhood Education and Development with 5 certificates in just this field. Early Intervention and Inclusion will be my 6th certificate so far. I will be certified in Autism Movement Therapy (AMT) as well by March 25th of this year.

A sample of Fun.Edu ChildSitting activities that I am planning on going to support the development of sensory processing, fine and gross motor, some balance and eye-hand coordination, music and movement skills, and a lot of arts and crafts.

The mission for Fun.Edu ChildSitting to not only to develop a child's potential but also to inspire children what they are able to accomplish with want they have. So many families today whether they are single, gay, multicultural families are focused on the idea of having the child get his or her own way. What I mean by that is most often we calm the child down by saying, "Mommy will get that toy after you stop crying." Now this happens at every stage of the child's development when the child passes by a store. The child has his/her eye on something and asks mommy for something in there. If the mother or the father goes into the shop, it might be fine the first time or couple times around. Great, but now in my opinion, the child is getting what the child wants instead of leaning to wait for that toy he or she really wants. This pattern continues as we age. We want things that please us and that will be a instant gratification. We all live in a world where having things to please you now instead of waiting or creating your own things.

I just think it's about time to slow all of this down for yourself and our kids. I like to teach children that they can fight the self-indulgence by just exploring through play and creative skills. In the picture above, I was introducing my nephew and my niece to stepping in on the paint to have them feel in a new way, through their feet. This obviously did not work out as planned. I wanted two layers of bubble wrap to have the paint in the middle of the two, almost like a sandwich. There would be duck tape on the ground holding both the sandwich that is filled with paint down on the ground so the child could walk or step on it how he or shes pleases. But anyways, the kids didn't quite get the idea and just wanted to play in the paint.

My point here is that kids will create there own toys and their own fun. They will remember what experiments they made with other children then playing with a toy. So don't feed into the tamper tantrum. Play more, explore with your children. Isn't that more rewarding for you and your child instead of getting him or her all the toys and cool new things in the world.

At Fun.Edu ChildSittting, this is what I teach others on. My job here is allowing the child to not feel pressured into what his/her environment says. I listen to the child, what needs are important to address at that time and move one from there. That's all, plan and simple.

If you and your child are interested in this 3 month child sitting serivce, you can sign up online here or you may email me anytime at

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