My name is Austin and I noticed that you might be interested in what PRAY FOR BABIES does in the San Diego County and in the USA. PRAY FOR BABIES is a small service through Educating Others With A Purpose. (EOP) At PRAY FOR BABIES, we go out in the community to different abortion clinics to inform the public and to PRAY FOR BABIES that has been killed. We are also on Facebook every Thursday to expose these awful centers. Will you join us in support? Please go visit our website and click on PRAY FOR BABIES under Services/Project’s. Thanks and may God Bless You 

PRAY FOR BABIES is calling on public speakers, pro-lifers, congress, celebrities law enforcement, judges, lawyers, and parents to stand together and join us in this fight for children's rights.

Please visit more below on this page to know when and where PRAY FOR BABIES are meeting at.


God, I pray boldly that all precious baby's has no evil done unto their innocent lives. Keep them safe and secure in your arms and love. Help me to have wisdom and divine foresight to help protect these children from any potential danger. You are the God of protection and love and I ask that You wrap these  baby’s lives up in your mighty protection. Amen.



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2021 March for Life | #whywemarch

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Current part-time student at MiraCosta Community College working towards a Bachelor's degree in ECE, Early Childhood Development with a minor in Cognitive Behavior Science. 


Austin N. McKinney 

(858) 243.8792

Join me as I explain what our PRAY FOR BABIES events are and what purpose do they serve??
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