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A comparison currents events from President Trump and Joe Biden 

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Fox News (2020, Oct. 27) Live: Trump speaks at a 'Make America Great Again Victory Rally' in Wisconsin

The Next News Network  60 Minutes EXPOSES Kamala Harris’ Agenda to COMPLETELY Push Joe as Far Left as Possible

The Next News Network Cranky Joe Biden Gets FURIOUS After Reporter Asks Reasonable Question about Huntergate

Mitt Romney speaks in support of Amy Coney Barrett

President Donald Trump: The 60 Minutes 2020 Election Interview

Trump wavers between ‘insulted and happy’ after Biden confuses him with George Bush

Fox News' expert panel weigh in on impact of Trump, Biden final campaign stops

The Next News Network (2020, Oct. 26) How SAD! Joe Biden Is LOST in SPACE as He Tries to Remember Who is Sitting President Right Now 

 Ben Shapiro (2020, Oct.  27) Amy Coney Barrett Joins the U.S. Supreme Court; Democrats Completely Lose It

The Next News Network (2020, Oct.  27) Kamala Harris Summons Her Inner Hillary, Musters FAKE Accent to Detroit Crowd which NOBODY Asked For

Fox News (2020, Oct.  20) Gutfeld on Trump's rallies and Biden's seclusion

Fox News (2020, Oct.  19) Kirstie Alley joins 'Hannity' after receiving backlash over Trump support

LifeSiteNews (2020, Oct. 27) Swearing-In Ceremony of the Honorable Amy Coney Barrett

LifeSiteNews (2020, Oct. 10) Plenty of evidence suggests Trump is fulfilling prophecy, leading America back to God

The Rubin Report (2020, Oct. 14) Watch Black Trump Supporter Kicked Off Southwest Flight & His Response | POLITICS | Rubin Report

CNN (2020, Feb. 16 2017) Trump stares down man in 'KKK' shirt

BlazeTV (2020, Oct. 27) Trump STUNS Rally Crowd, Blasts Video Exposing Biden’s Lies on Giant Screens

Fox News (2020, Oct. 22) Trump invites Hunter Biden ex-associate Tony Bobulinski to final debateter's business deals

Fox News (2020, Oct. 25) Huckabee: I think Biden forgot his own record as vice president and a Democrat

Fox News (2020, Oct. 22) Joe Biden Surrogate CAVES After Being Repeatedly Pressed Over Legitimacy of Hunter’s Emailss deals

Fox News (2020, Oct. 22) Tony Bobulinski held presser claiming Joe Biden knew about Hunter's business deals

C-SPAN (2020, Oct. 22) Second 2020 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

 The Next News Network (2020, Oct. 4)  EPIC! Blacks DUMP Biden, DEFY Democrats At Historic Event Supporting President Trump in Chicago!

The Next News Network (2020, Oct. 15)  WATCH Trump Supporters CRASH Joe Biden’s Ohio Speech with EPIC Entrance!

NewsNOW from FOX (2020, Sept. 25)  "NOT A RACIST" Black Pastors PRAY and DEFEND President Trump In Atlanta

MLive, (2019, Apr. 2) Former Democrat Explains Why He Now Supports TrumpTHING BACK.
Liberal Hivemind, (2020, Oct. 10) Kayleigh Mcenany SHREDS Nancy Pelosi During TV Interview! Holding NOTHING BACK.
Fox News, (2020, Oct. 15) 'The Five' react to the 'media meltdown' over Trump's NBC town hall
Fox News, (2020, Oct. 15) C-SPAN suspends Steve Scully after he admits to lying about Twitter hack
Inside Edition, (2020, Oct. 14) Donald Trump and Joe Biden Hold Simultaneous Town Halls
The Next News Network, (2020, Oct. 14) OMG! CNN’s Wolf Blitzer STUNS Crazy Nancy Pelosi with HUGE Slap in the Face!
CNBC Television, (2020, Oct. 8) Second presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden on Oct. 15 will be virtual
Fox News, (2020, Oct. 7) Hannity: Kamala Harris' 'cringeworthy' debate was packed with liese 
Freethink, (2020, Oct. 7) Keeping Democracy Safe in the 2020 Electionlie 
Box Business, (2020, Sept. 24) Sen Johnson on Hunter Biden report: I think we've caught Biden in a lie 
Fox News, (2020, Oct. 7) Ingraham: What to expect under a Biden-Harris admin
Bedros Keuilian, (2020, Oct. 4) I was voting for Biden but this changed my mind to Trump
The Next News Network, (2020, Sept. 26) Biden Handlers BREAK SILENCE After Leaked Photos Catch Him with Teleprompter - NO ONE Believes Them 
Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP, (2020, Sept. 30) Vatican and China’s agreement renewal; Under Secretary urges China to tear down its Fire Wall
The Next News Network, (2020 Sept. 29) BOOM! Ilhan Omar’s Prison Sentence Just Got Closer after Veritas Drops SECOND Bomb on Her FRAUD
What Would You Do?, (2020, Aug. 18) Manager tells man he needs to remove his MAGA hat | What Would You Do? | WWYD 
KAHEVA, (2020, July 27) 5 Reasons Why Trump will be reelected| US President 2020
BBC News, (2020, May 20) Coronavirus: Surrogate babies stranded in Ukraine - BBC News 

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