This is where you can keep an eye on me and what new, interesting, and fun things that I am doing and about to do for EOP, myself, and for others. Enjoy my pictures and everything that I am doing for FUN!!!!

Making Beans, Snap peas, and beats. They are now just growing this week. We might be on the food stage, which I am so excited about!! YAY!!!! I will have a plant sale when this babies come up. They will be yummy and delicious 😋 . I have been watering them ever morning and since they are taking the water, my watering schedule will increase during the evening now. 

Here, we are growing Broccoli straight from seedings that are in these soft containers. To the right, we are trying out these new types of self-containing social pods that expand when you water 💦in the tub before place these guys in. And look, these pods are expanding and the seeds are growing too. Pretty soon, they will be planted in the soil with the rest of the bigger plants. 

My garden is just now growing for us some bell peppers and tomato's. Can't wait to try them!!!!

You can now get my veggies for a limited time only. Check back on here to to what more veggies you can get. So far.... 
Tomato's are $3.00
Bell-Peppers (when are are all done growing) are $6.00

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