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Hi and welcome to my site! I would like to update you all about what I am doing for the community and in my life. Currently, I attend school at MiraCosta College up in Oceanside along with three Volunteer jobs. One at TERI Campus Of Life, the second at Traveling Stories up at the Vista Farmer's Market and the last one in Del Mar at the Del Mar Nursery School. At TERI.Inc, I help assist and take care of the children who have developmental disabilities ranging in age from 2 to 9 years. Working at TERI.Inc. is a fun job that inspires and challenges me every time that I volunteer my time with them. Saturday mornings, I leap out of bed to work with this motivating company. Here, I read to kids and help them with sounding out words and practicing their money management skills to receive prizes after the children earns book bucks towards a greater prize. In Del Mar at Del Mar Nursery School, they have just brought me on their team to assist them with their Music and Movement Oriff classroom with the children. I will be working there on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 to noon. Maybe I will be working with your children! 


At MiraCosta, I have two three certificates in Early Childhood Development and getting a forth one soon here in Early Intervention and Inclusion. I also have an Associate certificate in teaching ECE. Just a couple of years ago, there, I instruct kids who are 3 to 5 years of age. I enjoy every day that I get there to teach the kids. I am planning to work as a head teacher and to have workshops for Parent Education.

My hopes for my future is to one day teach students of all ages with autism and/or developmental disabilities to live independent and successful lives to the fullest potential that they may achieve and concur what is meaningful to them. 

Current Student/Instructional Apprentice 2 at the Child Development Center

Educate, Inspire, Love

Creating a world of total disability acceptance and understanding one community at a time.


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 650 million people in the world are living with some sort of a disability and that number is increasing fester then you or I know it. Let's be ready for the global change with the social supports, the education, the community services, and the high-tech equipment. Let's make this world a safe, loving, and peaceful place for our disability community to live in, to full accepted, included, and appreciated.  

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Educate, Inspire, Love

Creating a world of total disability acceptance and understanding one community at a time.

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