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Welcome to my updated website, Here at Educating Others With A Purpose, I believe strongly in team building, learning and also growing from other, and also laughing and spending one-one-one quality time with one another. I have knowledge and training in the field of Early Childhood Education and Music. I have several programs that do just that. At Educating Others With A Purpose, I try to get the able-body population join hands with the non-able-body population to learn social-acceptance and understanding from one another. I like to think of my job and myself as a "bridge" for communities of both sides to come together in unison of faith, love, protection, leadership, and recognition. I am a people person and care of them everyday with either volunteering with different kids whom have different abilities to teaching preschoolers. I love what I do and it shows through my work whatever I'm doing. Please feel free to look around my site and ask me any questions that you may have when they come up. Thank you.

~Austin N. McKinney


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ECE Educator, Disability Awareness Blogger

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At Educating Others With A Purpose, we stand by the hierarchy of needs, the Reggio Emilia Approach and also the teachings from Lev. Vygotsky. My mission at Educating Others With A Purpose is to increase and enhance understanding and acceptance for all. To educate the public and also the children that will lead the future of tomorrow. 

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Current part-time student at MiraCosta Community College working towards a Bachelor's degree in ECE, Early Childhood Development with a minor in Cognitive Behavior Science. 



Educate, Inspire, Love

Creating a world of total disability acceptance and understanding one individual at a time.